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Find out what’s happening around you using easily identifiable category icons on a familiar map. Finding local news has never been easier!


Instantly become a news creator and citizen journalist, as the people who witness news are the fastest to report it.

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Empowering people to help filter truthful and credible news stories and sources.

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Zoomzet is an online platform making news more accessible, more relevant and more instantaneous for all. Users form a worldwide community of citizen journalists who discover and report on the news that’s happening around them, as it happens!

News by the people, for the people

Zoomzet was founded on the belief that everyone deserves instant access to the news that impacts and affects them. News should be personal, and should be directly relevant to those reading it.

After struggling to find information about a local traffic incident which caused major disruptions, Zoomzet’s founder, Cristian made it his mission to find a better way of helping everyday people to easily access and share relevant news with those around them.

With this in mind, Zoomzet was born: a platform that delivers an easier way to discover and report news that’s important to people. It’s simple really - the future of news is here.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to be the world’s largest and most trusted news sharing platform, with news reported by the people, for the people.

Zoomzet was founded with three core values in mind:

  • Accessibility: News that is open and available to everyone, without the need to follow the right person or subscribe to the right channel.
  • Newsworthy: Information that is personal, relevant and important. The news that affects people the most, so they always know what’s happening in their world.
  • Authenticity: Empowering people to report the news as it happens around them, because the people who witness the news can report their first-hand account the fastest.